tonight's random >> tp and valentines

I have a bathroom drawer full of toilet paper rolls waiting for scheduled seed planting to commence. I've been saving them for a few months. Wow, we use too much TP.

I'm going to try to recreate these valentines for Peter's class party on Wednesday.

Geocaching is fun. We found four caches in an hour on Sunday. It's such a great way to get kids to walk a longer distance without the complaining!

Ezra fell asleep while watching The Magic School Bus tonight. Guess the lesson on gravity was too much for him. He's so cute when he's asleep. 

I've done enough taxes in the last two days to last a lifetime. Or one year. HAH. What a headache. Sure felt good to give that manila envelope to the postman, though.

I got a reflector for Christmas {thanks bro-in-law!} and I'm excited to read this tutorial and practice the concepts.

Oh my, the sunshine has been nice this month. I can't hardly be mean to February anymore - it's really turned over a new leaf!

I attended Kim's Influence class tonight and really enjoyed it. One of the other participants shared her handmade shop and my eyes landed on these. They are little hair clippies. Beautiful, yes? :)

So, my mind is churning over handmade shop things and now that the taxes are done, I can hopefully be creative again. :) Be watching for a love note to my Ezra and some etsy-esque topics coming down the pipe this week.

My husband and I are still thinking about what to do tomorrow night. DATE NIGHT!! hmm...something romantic...