links in march

I've been saving up my top favorites from around the web this month and now I get to share them with you!

First up, the cutest ever video of the littlest Blair kiddo {check out all their videos at}.
And then, a collection of writings that spoke to my little heart. Maybe you'll enjoy them too.

How To Be 2 from Olive Us on Vimeo.

Kelli writes about motherhood and aspirations on her blog:
"Before we were mothers, we were all something besides…mothers. We had dreams and longings and aspirations and desires that went beyond cleaning and scrubbing and washing and drying and refereeing and surviving."

Rachel writes about letting go of mom guilt:
"Start remembering and seeing the times where you did well - don't just sit on the times where you messed up."

Emily writes about having unique abilities to serve:
"I don’t care if you’re the President or the janitor – your ability to bring glory to God by simply being the person you fully are and embracing the job you’ve been given to do is a uniquely human privilege.
Christ is in you and he wants to come out through you in a way he won’t come out through anyone else."

Scooper shares her personality and photos of her messy house along with a lot of powerful words of Truth:
"Without mess, I'd still be chasing Perfect and kicking Grace to the curb."

Dawn shares her list of things to do to find happiness in a busy life

Another mom defends our use of technology, reminding us that moms need connection too:
"Because as much as our kids do need our undivided attention and affection, they don't need the entire universe to revolve around them."

Emily {again!} encourages us to pay attention to who God made us to be:
"And so a God-sized dream, to me, is learning to pay attention to the life-giving and the life-draining."

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