thick and fast

:: I haven't unpacked the car yet from our failure of a road trip last week

:: I haven't even told you about our failure of a road trip last week

:: The young one's sheets are wet from pee again

:: I can't get into the washing machine to wash said sheets because it is covered with layers of books and hats and coats and more

:: The big one still calls for me to wipe him

:: I burned 25% of the pancakes this morning

:: The little guy keeps turning the heat up until I realize we're nearing 80 degrees and that's why I'm sweating
   #thoughtitwashormones #willsomebodytellhimaboutournoheatchallenge

:: We have new neighbors

:: Now there are four more kids in the neighborhood

:: I'm still introverted

:: The big one wanted to stay home from school today because of his "sluggy" nose

:: Now he's writing a book called "The Mystery of the Dot"

And it keeps coming -- thick and fast. I'm just trying to keep my head above water.