Oregon Coast | South Beach State Park

I took my big girl camera with me on only one of our beach outings. We also went tide pooling and wave chasing on other occasions. I wish I had some photographic evidence to prove that Buzz was completely soaking wet, lying in the wet sand close to the water, creating towers that disappear. He was entranced. Also wish I had photos of the seals sunning themselves on rocks -- they were darling.

This vacation proved to be a emotional fruit basket for me -- what a mess I was. Eventually I worked through it all, had a nice long evening walk/talk with the-one-who-tries-to-understand-me and felt happier and refreshed just in time to go home.

Yurts get 5 stars for water-repellency and coziness and Woodburn Factory Outlets were very good to me on the way home.

Trip Details:
South Beach State Park -- We've been here twice now, tent camping the first time and in a lovely yurt the second time. It's a large campground, with very nice restrooms {free showers} and awesome beach access {1/4 mile trail}. We love it.

Beverly Beach State Park -- We've been there three times -- it's fabulous!! The beach is very close to the campsites and again, there are lovely restroom/shower facilities. Big trees, private campsites, warm yurts on a rainy evening. One of our favorite spots.

Cobble Beach at Yaquina Head -- This place is unique and very interesting, especially to the kiddos. Round pebbles, big and small make up the whole beach. There is pretty decent tide-pooling here and sometimes seals sunning themselves on not-too-far-away rocks. It's a really cool place to visit. The lighthouse is neat too. :)

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