[faith] a living sacrifice

I've been considering purpose so much lately. Learning to accept my God-given design. Reading about courage. It's all part of my last hurrah, saying goodbye to my twenties. Actually -- it's something I'll probably keep thinking about all my life. 

Because we were created with an ache inside us. A desire to be part of something bigger.

We might think we're searching for happiness or contentment. Or perhaps stability, security and love. We might think it's up to us to find that elusive purpose we seek.

But you know what I'm learning?

It's that I really don't need to search so relentlessly. What I need is so much closer than I thought. So much easier to grasp

It's that I don't need to fret or constantly worry that I've somehow missed my big opportunity or am blind to my calling.

It's that I am most certainly right where I need to be at this moment. My life journey is in the hands of Someone bigger and wiser than I. All I must do is offer myself a living sacrifice and be completely open to His ways.   
Maybe we're not put on this earth to be supremely happy all the time. Maybe we shouldn't fight with our insecurities so much. Maybe the love we think we want isn't truly satisfying and wasn't designed to be. Maybe the last thing God wants is for us to be contented with the way things are.

Somehow that makes me feel so calm.