favorite links in april

You know the Internet is amazing, right? SO many talented writers, sharing inspiration and encouraging words. I like to collect some of my favorites and share them with y'all once a month or so. This month I've been learning about cortisol, courage and ways to be introverted in this lively business of motherhood.

Which of these links speak to you most? What have you been learning this month? 

"Becoming a mother has been the most profound faith journey of my life. 
It teaches sacrifice and selflessness and breathes life into Jesus truths like nothing else I have ever encountered."

"A few months ago I crashed headfirst into my most frustrating parenting problem to date: 
My daughters were ignoring me. I could tell them five times to do anything -- get dressed, turn off the TV, brush their teeth -- and they either didn't hear me or didn't listen."

Refresh Your Soul by Naptime Diaries
"It's not about weight loss or exercise for me, it's about feet hitting the pavement, loud music in my ears, and checking something off my list FULLY. Parenting, blogging, ministry - those are never done. But I can get away and have some introvert time and check something off my list when I run. And that is good."

Easy Ways To Stop Feeling So Tired at Modern Parents, Messy Kids
Everytime we get stressed our cortisol levels rise so we can rise to the situation. That’s physiology happening right there. 
The thing is – sugar and caffeine do just the same – they spike cortisol, thereby spiking our blood sugar levels.

Mothering As An Introvert by Cynthia at The Happy Housewife
"Introversion feels like a constant struggle between reaching out to create community and drawing in to protect/replenish my energy reserves."

"But as I began to find some rhythm I noticed my mental capacity just wasn’t being tapped into by the physicality of caring for a baby."

"Don’t despise your limitations. Learn to work within them. Let them be guard rails for the way you spend your time and your energy."

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen at Modern Parents, Messy Kids
“Helpful praise actually comes in two parts: 
1) The adult describes with appreciation what he or she sees or feels. 
2) The child, after hearing the description, is then able to praise himself.”

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