[introducing] pink all over

Remember this color crush post from a few weeks ago? Yep, I did it -- I finally finished the pink quilt!

And it's really really pink. So if you've been watching my shop and wondering why there was so much blue and green and not so very much pink...here you go. This will balance things out in a big way.

It's my monochromatic experiment. With squares of dots, of course. And some other fabrics I thought were fun and well...pink. :)

This handmade rag quilt measures 50" square and has a middle layer of soft white muslin and more of those delicious white on pink polka-dots on the back. It's fluffy with the frayed edges and would suit a little girl's nursery just fine, if you like pink.

It would add zest to a living space, color to a wall, work just fine for a picnic or baby's tummy time.

Come check it out in my shop!