[the boyz] playing in dirt, eating chocolate, and fun at the park

The following is a bit of monologue from the perspective of one of the boyz, sometimes Pete, sometimes Buzz. Of course, mommy wrote it. But it's fun to imagine things from their point of view.

Hi. This is Peter. I have a couple minutes to write before my daddy story, a story my daddy tells me every night before bed. Sometimes he tells me how things work. Sometimes he tells me a story from when he was a little boy. Sometimes it's a story kinda like the Magic School Bus. Sometimes it's about our make believe friends, Kaisley and Baisley. I love it when my daddy is home and we have time for a story before bed.

I really love stories. I've written two books lately -- The Mystery of the Dot and The Mystery of the Disappearing House. The Mystery of the Dot is ten pages long. I drew some pictures to help you understand the story.

We've been having so much fun lately with our neighbor friends. We have new neighbors too with lots of kids and they are pretty cool. Mommy brought us some edamame and pistachios and we ate them together and told jokes. Next year I'm going to be better at April Fools pranks.

Speaking of snacks, mommy took us grocery shopping a few days ago and let me and my brother each choose a treat. I chose a bag of licorice and my brother chose some big pink and green and yellow things that looked like chocolate chips but tasted minty. He let me try one. They were really good. We were less crazy in the stores because mommy said we could have another one when we got back to the car.

We have a totally cool mommy. She took us to the BMX track and let us slide down the dirt banks and get our pants all dirty. We slid down and ran up again a few times and then played in the dirt, building stuff. It was awesome.

Hi! This is Ezra. I found a kitty for sale on the Internet and I really really want it. It's a kitty that would snuggle with you and warm you up. I love kitties.

I played in the sand with my brother and we buried our shoes. The big people tried to find them but only found Peter's shoe. Mine is still missing.

My brother and I like to make geocaches with mommy's containers. We put cars and treasure inside them and hide them in bushes...under beds...behind couches... Mommy said we had to find them all and give her containers back.

I learned a new word. I like to say it a lot. When somebody asks me about something, I say "it's complicated." hehe

I am learning to write my letters. I'm really careful. I know my name starts with E and has an A at the end.

Peter and I have a great big giant rock collection outside. There are white rocks in one pile, bumpy rocks in another pile and really smooth rocks in another pile.

Hunting for eggs was so so fun. I got chocolate covered raisins and fruit wedges and yogurt pretzels. I hid behind the light pole so I could eat it all without being seen. I'm sneaky like that.

Mommy takes us to fun parks too. Today we played on the merry-go-round. Jumping in the middle while it's spinning around is fun! I almost got stuck on top of this circle thing and it hurt my bare feet. But I'm a really good climber. 

The End. Don't you love them? ;)