pea shoots and kayaking

what a fun day. so they DO happen sometimes!

pea shoots::
have you had pea greens in a salad before? me - twice. and I'd love love to have some of these growing out in the backyard fresh for the picking. I planted a raised bed full of peas today and the word on the street is that they grow fast! I might have some shoots for a salad in a couple weeks -- I'll let you know. :)

cutting fabric::
I'm such a sucker for color and soft fabric. it really makes my day sweeter to lay out a quilt design on my bed and smile at the little bicycles and contrasting navy and red squares. I'm excited about this one.

oh books, how I love them. give me a thought-provoking read and a lot of grass right next to a park and we're good. buzz played at the "button park" for about a chapter's worth, then we took our sun-warmed bodies out for ice cream. this book definitely falls into the category of thought-provoking...I'll probably have a few thoughts to share with you soon.

Do you follow me on Instagram? It's fun. :) You get little sneak peaks into our day...
eating yummy yums::
this cauliflower alfredo is my new best favorite food {bff}. so quick and easy to make, so delicious on whole wheat linguine and pizza crust, so thick and creamy. have you tried it yet? OH, you need to. :)

we've been thinking about what we do as a family and for some reason the idea of kayaking came up...then we happened upon a craigslist dealio and with that......we now have these two incredible tandem kayaks that are stable and comfortable and they both fit on top of our car! we took them out tonight and they were FUN. you have to see this video of these two paddling in sync -- so cute:

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