a bit of today

I just finished putting two sets of sheets and waterproof mattress covers back on little boy beds, reading them two new books, and saying iloveyougoodnight. Time to share some of our day here before I crash into my bed.

Today was stuffing as many grapes into his mouth as he could.
Today was playing dress up and putting shirts on legs instead of arms.
Today was finding really big puddles to jump in and mud polka dots on his face.
Today was reaching for my camera every time they said "hummingbird" and missing it every time.
Today was cutting fabric and giving him a turn on the machine.

Not pictured but worth including:
1}the sugar episode -- Buzz licking his fingers and sticking them into the sweet white stuff and saying after being caught and scolded -- "then why don't hummingbirds get sick?"
2}taking the trash-rescued flat screen apart to see how it works and playing with speakers and other parts -- daddy is the best.

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