right now

today was the kind of day where i woke up with energy and readiness to get some things done around here. it took three recipes, five loads of laundry {including sheets from both boy's beds. seriously. when is this going to end.}, bmx racing with buzz, lawn mowing and edging, car washing and vacuuming, [gentle] garage organizing and sweeping, and a few other sundry tasks before i realized maybe that was a bit much and collapsed into my rocker with some ice cream. i confess. i work in crazy unrealistic spurts. now for a long period of laziness.

actually it was the smashed banana in the bottom of pete's backpack that sent me over the edge. ewwww. 

another confession: i don't really like squeezing lemons and often end up using store-bought lemon juice in recipes, 
even though i'm sure the real thing would taste better.

food in the house: i made hummus and enchiladas and chick pea curry. yes, all in one day. yes, this is silly.
 especially since i just filled my tummy with ice cream.

enjoying: the smell of fresh cut grass, listening to an interesting podcast
the glimpse of a little hummingbird coming to our feeder

anticipating: an overnight trip to a bigger and cleaner lake, pete's first piano lesson 
{is it wrong that i might be looking forward to it more than he is?} #livingvicariously #minime

tired of: sneezing {there is something in the air around here}. 
i sneezed so many times this afternoon i made the neighbors laugh. at least i think that is why they were laughing...

readingbarefoot church by brandon hatmaker. 
one night at church the people were told that there was a huge need for shoes, so they all left barefoot.

laughing at: buzz yelling "all day and all night and all day and all night and all day..." 
{not sure what this is in reference to, but I'm sure it's a mighty threat}

listening to: these oh so talented girls that make me wish i had a sister to harmonize with

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