right now

today was a really low key day after a marathon weekend and yesterday's burnout. i did some journaling and thinking about how to avoid such crazy spiral spins in the future. not just crashing and eating licorice and chocolate treats, but really making intentional choices to save my energy for things that are really important.

a confession: after I hit the publish button, I always second-guess posting vulnerable stuff like I did yesterday, but I just want to really show a true picture of what my life is like over here. i guess that's the point of blogging for me...providing a true representation of what's going on in my heart. i really hope that's a good idea.

enjoying: a little online fabric shopping. the lime green keeps popping up. :: the rain! yes! it is so relaxing and dreamy. :: listening to peter read. he is starting to read with expression and it's just a great time. :)

reading: spark by jason jaggard. so much good in these pages. i'll be sharing more about it soon.

anticipating: i wrote chapter one in my ebook tonight. i think that means it's safe to talk about? it might actually happen? i'm anticipating the finished product.

food in the house: i snuck my stash of canadian chocolate into the fridge {shhhh} because it tastes that much better cold. we're still eating strawberries and corn on the cob and need another watermelon.

watching: the bachelorette. because i just like the show better when a girl plans the dates and makes logical decisions based on future compatibility. ;) i loved the tap dancing guy. he's adorable. also the singing and poetry.

listening to: joshua radin. i just love the really light guitar and his voice. not as much the lyrics, but the calm satisfied mood that comes with the melody.

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