yummy-yums in june >> asparagus and cherries.

first, let's talk about asparagus. it's delicious all by itself -- lightly steamed or roasted. it's also ridiculously good shaved into thinner bits and broiled on a pesto or alfredo slathered pizza crust with a little mozzarella or goat cheese. {or both.} and garlic.

it looks decadent in a galette or lasagna mixed with leeks and cheese. and slightly healthier with zucchini and artichoke hearts in a salad.

spring pizza by kucharnia // leek and asparagus galette by mince and type 
six cheese lasagna by the cozy apron // pesto tortellini asparagus salad by prevention rd

now, let's talk about cherries. local orchards are almost ready to harvest and we're totally psyched up for the picking. last year we pitted and froze, pitted and jammed, pitted and dried. we're gonna do the same this year, only more. :) it's the summer of food preservation, kicked off with cherry season.

we use most of our frozen cherries in fruit salad, but some end up in a fruit crisp with slivered almonds or a topping for jiffy cake with whipped cream.

you could whiz up some cherries with your yogurt for a lassi, with pecans in a muffin, or with maple syrup on your quinoa.

cherry crumble by pete and buzz // cherry smoothie by kouzino mageiremata 
quinoa muffins with sour cherries by the gouda life // coconut quinoa with cherry compote by what's cooking good looking

What seasonal produce are you loving or anticipating this month? 

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