links in july

So much truth, inspiration and help on the web these days. I'm grateful for it all. Have to share some of my favorites with you. :)
Tell me what resonates with you.

Learning Stuff As We Grow Old ;p 
It's fun to read what other people are learning as they's a great list from Modern Mrs. Darcy -- 35 Things I've Learned in 35 Years. I've decided that #2 and #12 are definitely true and I'm still learning to do #10.

The Story of An Adoptive Father and Grace
He's standing there before the judge, determined to win the case, to adopt the child. And suddenly feels a sense of how Jesus stands in God's presence as our advocate. Powerful words by Jason Johnson. "I realized then what it meant for Jesus to stand before the Judge on my behalf - to advocate for me, speak for me and stand in the gap to make me His own."

Don't Teach Your Child That She is Unworthy
It's time to teach our children about Jesus love from a perspective of wholeness, not brokenness. Elizabeth Esther writes in her article, "This is because when you teach a child they are unworthy and somehow intrinsically broken/flawed/less-than, you set them up for disaster–not just in their relationship to God but in their relationships with people."

Refreshing Ourselves, Intentionally 
Nadine shares some of the ways she refreshes herself -- scheduling alone time, wrapping up in praise music and worshiping, digging into scripture, and blogging with honesty. I found her words refreshing. :)

You Bear The Image of God
Sarah Bessey writes with power and inspiration here and it was something I needed to hear. Deep down the lurking insecurities lie, asking what is the point of it all. But here she lays it all out plain -- "we all need you to be fully alive for your life". What you do, your story, your influence, it matters. So much.

Love Like Christ and Never Miss Your Best Life
This post is worth looking at just to see the smiles of young Katie Davis, completely abandoning her life over to service. And then worth even more when you read these words and more from Ann -- "We could write it on a million kitchen chalkboards: You are doing something great with your life – when you’re doing all the small things with His Great love."

Mothering as an Introvert
Had to include this one with its really smart tips for survival in this demanding and intense stage of life. Tips like teaching your child independence and finding activities that truly allow you to recharge.

Teaching the Habit of Kindness
This has to be read again and again. Developing empathy and what she calls "kind eyes" in my children is very high on my priority list. As the author says, "Kind eyes is a compassionate way of looking at the world around you. It allows children to see how others are feeling and how their actions and words can effect those they are with."

Motherhood Isn't Our Highest Calling
Although I firmly believe that motherhood is a very high calling, I agree with Paige when she puts parenting a rung lower on the ladder and points to the top rung which is enjoying and worshiping God. "The truth is that small children will consume your soul and most likely spit out the veggies you tried to hide in there too. They will take whatever pieces of you that you offer, chew them up, spit them out and demand more. Losing yourself completely to motherhood is not fulfilling any calling." Read the rest, it's really good.

Mountain Camping and Cobbler
I'm completely crushing on the idea of making delicious food like this outdoors. And making movies like this. :)

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