right now

monday nights are for complete and utter housework avoidance, living vicariously through other people's lives {ie. looking at blogs}, admitting my brain is entirely useless after the weekend, and if there's something good to watch...a little tv.

after this post, of course.

our backyard has been decorated with the finest of vines -- thornless blackberry. they've been propogating over the past four or five years and this summer the harvest looks to be incredible. we ate two bowls full already today and shared some more with gma and gpa.

recovering from
we drove four hours to a family wedding over the weekend and made lots and lots of lemonade. the boys were in heaven as taste testers. congrats to the lovely bride and groom.

have you been to nicholas restaurant in portland? world's biggest pita bread...all you can eat. hummus and tzatziki for dipping. falafal if you choose. other interesting yummy things. we went there yesterday for a quick lunch.

royal pains. best summer drama ever. at least that's what we think. :)

food in the house
wat.er.melon. like -- it's all the boys want to eat. and soon we'll be eating LOCAL. i see it out there in the fields......

well. everything and nothing. i don't have a good fiction read right now and i have my fingers in about eight nonfiction books, all of which are too heavy to read much at a time and too long to finish anytime soon. so that's kinda good and kinda bad.

listening to
the soulful dreamy tunes on my joshua radin pandora station. like this one.

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