what july has taught me

things july has taught me

margin | harder to achieve when activity-loving husband is home. i wrote about margin because i believe in its power. now the challenge to schedule life so there is some.....and a balance, because: {see next line}

fun times | we stay home more when husband isn't here, so i noticed my instagram feed slowing down as life began to become repetitive. i missed his ability to make life more interesting.

tomatoes | first, i didn't plan on planting so many yellow plum and cherry tomatoes. love them, but where are the beefsteaks? second, it is really hard to keep tomatoes alive in 100+ temps for weeks on end.

marriage | it's really so much simpler when your significant other is away for half the month {tongue in cheek, you guys}. i wrote my post about strengthening your marriage while my husband was away building a church in the dominican republic. i had lots of alone time to think and write and felt like i could share some of the things i've learned. well.....yes, but let's just say they are a bit harder to carry out when you're living with the person. hah. be kind, gracious, don't overreact. yeah. not always easy. courage to all married folk. i'm in the middle of it too.  :)

food | july was great for me and new recipes. i cranked out that rhubarb blackberry crisp and also designed some fantastic recipes for grilled corn salad, banana chocolate muffins, and blackberry pancakes. yum. don't worry, i'll share.

peppers | i had no idea twelve pepper plants would overwhelm me so terribly. i'll have to add salsa to our daily diet in the summer, me thinks. but the kids don't like spicy things. maybe i should pass them down to the neighbors....

music | pete has completely taken off on the piano, playing chords, hands together, composing little ditties, playing simple songs in different keys. he's awesome. and i got to spend a lot of time tickling the ivories this month too, practicing for #vbspraise and playing with the band. it was super duper fun.

how has july been treating you? what have you learned? 
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