checking in

these photos are from the week {which one was it?} where we put up a thousand pounds of peaches, a hundred bags of zucchini, and a boatload of plums. there was some pesto made and frozen at some point too. OH, and corn.

and if that's not enough to qualify our family for absolute crazy town, we've been away for the last three weekends -- camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming...playing our hearts out with family and friends. the weeks are not long enough to rest up before we hit the road again.

part of me is loving it. which is why we're heading out again for our final fling before school starts...beyond the reaches of internet and cell, but with good weather the photo ops should be AMAZING.

so. i'll leave you with just a sampling of our home adventures and some anticipation of what is to come. i hope. :)

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