right now

y'all. i had hoped to put some nice words down here tonight. you know, put a little soul into it. but it's way too late, so this is going to come thin and fast, just because. tomorrow's gonna be busy too.

:: we gleaned corn tonight. buzz loved it and got so super dirty and said he had the biggest muscles evah, bigger than daddy's.

:: i researched camping spots on the san juan islands and reserved one site on shaw and one site on lopez. we're hoping for some september sunshine and cool evenings. it's been said that early fall is the perfect time to visit the islands. since we now have a monster bike rack, we'll be kayaking AND biking.

:: i played with lightroom today and created this stellar image {i think}. it resembles HDR but was accomplished with some selective brushing {increased exposure, highlights and decreased shadows just in the foreground, leaving the sky awesome}.

:: there are three boxes of peaches and a posse of corn waiting for me. my feet are not sure they like the sound of this.

:: i'm simultaneously holding on to the last pieces of summer and anxiously awaiting the beginning of school. depending on the grumpy level of my children. they're happy little angels with dust on their faces and chasing each other with giggles? let summer reign forever. they're so tired of one another and hitting/pinching/saying mean things for no reason. school can't come soon enough. if it weren't for those pesky lunches to make and set start times....

:: these cousins were perfectly adorable this weekend. and the river just as endearing.

:: we've decided that we are officially river rats. we all love the water so much.

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