Olympic Peninsula, Part One

We got home a week ago today. Imagine the smell of hot, wet dirty things and then add in essence of pee and poop. That's what our car smelled like. We passengers didn't really notice it, since we'd practically been living out of the car for the past four days. The pee was on the pillowcases and sleeping bags from night three {I had gone to the laundromat once already to fix that problem on day two}. The poop was a porta-potty accident...it landed in his underwear instead of going down the hole. So we dumped what we could down the hole and then wrapped up the dirty clothes in a plastic bag and put them in the car. Too much information, you say? #lifewithkids #dealwithit #ihaveto

On day one we hit up the zoo and aquarium, which I thought was quite cool. My kiddos have leanings toward mechanical things and climbing things, however. And banging on glass. So they enjoyed it.....but not as much as an animal-loving child would. "Let's goooooo, mommy!!" But son. If we just watch for two minutes, maybe we'll see the walrus swim by! "But the walrus STINKS!" Yes, but so do you. 

The show was really neat and we walked around the whole place and heard a lot of interesting keeper talks and saw some feedings.
I may have bribed them with ice cream and pizza.

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Day Two was pretty off-kilter with us feeling a bit wet and bored and wondering what we were going to find to do. The plan had been to jet over to La Push and go hiking on the coast, but the weather wasn't cooperating and we needed to do laundry. #pee #seeabove We found a little bike trail and a playground to pass the time until their sleeping bags came out clean and dry and then drove through the torrential rain to our campsite near the beach. The rain let up long enough for me to set up and stake out the tents. #thankgoodness

The boys stayed dry {from the rain, that is} each of the three nights, so kudos to the Mountain Hardware tent. I think I need to spray mine with some water repellency goodness, although the misty splatters on the face were kind-of refreshing. Maybe not all night long. I also needed to learn a little lesson about ground tarps -- you need to fold them under so they don't catch all the rain and direct it into a pool under your bed. #yeahthat

We ate our evening meal of almond butter, honey, and applesauce on bread and then visited the very little town of La Push. Not much for tourism and be careful about taking a deep cleansing breath if you don't like the smell of seafood. #phew

So, with two nights down and one to go.....I was definitely hoping this road trip would improve. We woke up the morning of day three deciding to scrap our coast plans and go out in search of sunshine and a sandy beach.

Trip Details:
Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium -- very cool especially if your kids like animals. ;) Fun keeper talks, neato shows, and a wide variety of animals to observe.
Mora Campground -- I liked it.....but it was really really wet. Puddles everywhere. The town of La Push doesn't have much to offer besides the smell of lobster, so our only reason to go back would be hiking the coastline {which is, of course, beautiful.......especially on those five sunny days each year}.

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