Be you. Live like a lyric.

This post feels chunky, not smooth. The photos don't match, the thoughts aren't flowing super smoothly. But sometimes I can't force perfection. Sometimes it just needs to be. The segue -- just BE who you are. :)

Why is this such a difficult task for us adults? Kids haven't yet learned to care much about what other people think or worry much about anything really. But somehow, as we move through junior high and college the layers are applied until at some point we don't really have a clue who we've become. Or if we like it much.

Emily Freeman has been speaking truth into my life and helping me re-discover myself for the past couple years through her blog and her book, Grace for the Good Girl. She is all over the place lately -- podcasting with Tsh and with Kat and soon chatting with Jess and Angie as part of the Bloom book club. I'm waiting to get my copy of her recent book A Million Little Ways and can't wait to read it.

Part of what she says is about letting go of control over life....knowing we are made to glorify God, not ourselves. Part of it is about uncovering our truest selves and giving this as a valued gift to others.

As much as I like to make lists, I'm learning to "live life more like a lyric than like a list". One is where I'm clenching my teeth and one is where I stop freaking out when things don't go my way.

I love how she asks in this post -- "what if the true artistic work is being fully ourselves in the presence of others?" God made us special. Seriously! And we have unique designs that need to be expressed..."to make art with your life".

I'm sure I'll have more to say about all this. I'm still learning. I came out of college not knowing what I had to offer, not knowing my unique design, not really even liking myself. It's been a journey. So all this to say --- it's important to know who you are so you can BE YOU and give yourself as a gift to others. And Emily Freeman has so much wisdom to share, so listen to her.

I'm learning a lot from these boys in my life too -- the ones who have fun all. the. time. and make silly faces and do crazy things and are truly being themselves. They are being just who God designed them to be. I love them. xoxo

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