dear pete and buzz | a love letter

Today I sighed deeply when your father came home from work and began unpacking all the day's events combined with the news that you boys were just wearing me out. It's the noise, I think. Even the happy noises are just. so. loud. and sometimes startling. And it's the violence. I worry that you are going to tear each other limb from limb. There was a lot of horse-play today, complete with all the sound effects. You boys seem to have the unique ability to take your mouths and all that is within and make hundreds of sounds. None of which is necessary in my vocabulary, but I'm not sure you can communicate without them.

I know you won't be four and six forever and the mealtime and bedtime battles will soon be behind us. You won't always ask for ice cubes before bed or for just one more story from daddy. You won't beg for bread with butter and jam to replace your lentils and rice. You probably won't have bad dreams about things poking you in the middle of the night. And you might even read your own bedtime story one day, all by yourself.

Growing up is a funny thing -- one day you want to and the next you really don't. Sometimes, you still like to cuddle with me while I stroke your soft hair. I'll miss that the most I think. Your friends are going to talk about growing up and all the things you'll get to do, but remember the blessings of being young, OK? With age comes responsibility and right now you're living in this dream world of imagination and playtime without too many worries. Embrace that. #somethingyourfatherwouldsay

Your mom and dad dearly love you even if we do sigh and cry and put you to bed early some nights. You'll soon understand that having happily married parents is a big deal. You'll be glad we took time to invest in our friendship.

Cause friendships are really important. You're learning about communication and working together and listening and doing it the other person's way. It's not always easy...sometimes you really think your way is best. But it's always valuable to hear other ideas and remain open minded.

So. Pete -- keep playing the piano with strong arms. I know I bother you about that, but it's really important not to get lazy wrists. And Buzz -- I know I'll still be your friend even though you say I won't if I don't give you the food you want. Friends forever, man. You just gotta eat the good stuff.

I love you both so much. Stay cool. Stay calm. Make sound effects in your head and go straight to bed.


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