On Motherhood

I had a pretty devastatingly hard day today. Not compared to everyone else and all their struggles, you know, but I think it's fair to own a bit of our personal struggle and our grief...to feel it and to learn from it. 

They weren't my favorite people today -- none of them. Course that probably had more to do with me than them [#womanstuff] but I wish I would take my stuff and stuff it. I let it spill all over and grabbed his arm too hard in the store and over-reacted to ALL their crazies and just plain ran out of patience. Mothers need a triple dose, you know? Sometimes I wish the love would spill over rather than the annoyance. I don't want them to remember the unreasonable mother who sat them down for lectures every five minutes. Oh today. Oh my children.

So then I read this writing by Angie Smith and cried all over again at the mess I make every day as a mother. Of course, the point of her words is that we will never be enough -- that our children need GOD. We'll never be enough, even on our best days. It's a cry, once again, to recognize our humanity and rest in our Savior.

"And the tears come again, because I realize that in all the things I thought were failures, my love gave them something to take with them even if I never got it exactly right." -- Angie Smith

I realized that what to me might look like a day full of trial and mistake and chaos and mismanaged emotions to them might look like sunshine and burritos and singing together and grace.

Two online blessings in one day -- can we handle it? Watch this blessed tale of how children just seem to see things through a positive lens. #belikethechildren

Takeaways: We're only human -- there's a great God. That's seriously worth remembering. 
And children see things through a different lens entirely and love so easily. Just ponder how much they love and adore you, unconditionally. Ponder that.

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