A Bit of Today and 6 Things You Should Do This Weekend

I took video clips today and then hurried to find a good song {"Tell It Again" by JJ Heller} and put it all together.
Can't say who taught my boy to dance like that.....

I hit a funk this week. After a couple evenings of zero motivation and a bit of dramatic whining and crying, I realized two things: 1) I haven't been living life real like I need to. When the weather cools, I stay inside more than I should. For me, this breeds depression. 2) The way I think about my own art has been "is it good enough?" and "who cares?" instead of a generous gift or simply a personal best. I have to be creative even if I'm the last person on the planet.

So -- with that. Here's what you and I need to do this weekend:

::climb a tree
::listen to a song that moves your soul
::try a new recipe
::plan an adventure
::think of fun things to do on the longer winter evenings
::write down a few things you're thankful for

Just go live real life. Then tell me about it. :)

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