What You'll Find Here On This Blog

Welcome! Whether you're new or old it's high time I gave you a run-down of what you'll find here, on this blog. I've been pondering it all lately and figuring out what I do best and what I care about most and this is how it all shakes down. So I'll give you the deets. ;)

Because, just like kids, we adults like to know what to expect. We want to know what we're getting ourselves into! So without further adieu...

Adventure Posts
This is my big deal. I love to camp, play in water, hike, explore and take lots of photos. I've been taking the kids on road trips since they were babies. I'm going to post trip reports about each of the places we visit each year. We have camped in Joshua Tree NP and on the California Coast. We have paddled in Lake Louise area and hiked in Glacier National Park. Utah slot canyons are our favorite. So if you like adventuring with kids, stay tuned. I'll have the details for you.

Recipe Inspiration
We love to eat. And I love to experiment with new recipes. So you'll find a lot of inspiration here, whether it is in my seasonal collages of recipes or recipes I've tweaked to make more healthy. We eat vegetarian, sometimes vegan {if it's yummy}. If you love making food, stay tuned.

Happy Kids
I'm passionate about educating and guiding our boys toward a happy future. On the blog there will be stories of our lives -- complete with photos and the silly things they say. If I have parenting wisdom to share, I will. Sometimes I'll share what I've learned from other wise people. I like to participate in Rebekah's 10on10 photo challenge and would love to post a monthly day-in-the-life video. So if you have kids and want to be inspired {or if you are a grandma or aunt who love my boys!}, stay tuned.

Possible Shop Updates
When I have extra time, I like to buy fabric and sew it up into rag quilts! I'll probably share a glimpse of things I create for my Etsy shop here on my blog. I also love to feature other Etsy sellers from time to time. So if you like handmade things, stay tuned.

Book Release
Remember my series called "31 Days to Happier Children"? Way back in 2011? Well, I took those ideas and greatly expanded on them, cranking out about 10,000 words in the space of 50 pages. It's now an ebook that you can purchase for your Kindle or Nook {or you can download the PDF}! Go to www.teachmetobehappy.com to get more details, including sample chapters!

I hope you can find something helpful here on my blog, whether it's inspiration to adventure or a new recipe to try. Thank you for visiting!