Just One Day | Video Edition

There are days when I balk at the idea of my morning routine. An early morning walk + shower + green smoothie sounds too regimented and I want to just get down to the business of finishing my quilt or writing a post. I very often flirt with spontaneity and the idea of goingwiththeflow when really I'm a structure girl. Or at least that's how I've labeled myself.

I'm either an INFJ or ISFP depending on the day. Some days I go straight to the sewing machine and skip breakfast altogether. What a rebel.

On the days when my J is dominant, I enjoy the liturgy of the daily dish-washing, the laundry folding, the putting of food on the table. But there are days when I feel really boxed in by the tasks and ache to learn something new, to stretch out my creativity muscle, to see new things and feel new ways. I suppose that's why I take photos and sew blankets and dabble in video. And why I have to get out on the road periodically.

It could be that I think I'm supposed to be a structure girl, a rule-follower, but that's really not where my inner compass points me. I don't know if there's necessarily a right or wrong way to be. I think we get most comfortable with the way we prefer to do life {and rightly so} and then suggest to others that the way we are is the best or the only way to be {not so cool}.

Know thyself. And be open-minded to people who prefer things other ways.