A Couple Things We Do to #TurnItGreen

We always been a pretty eco-friendly family -- except for the cloth diapers. We just couldn't swing that one.
But we got real good use out of the disposable ones. We even did an experiment once to see just how much liquid they could hold. ;) 

  • We try not to buy things with a lot of plastic packaging.
  • We use both sides of a piece of paper and then use it again as a paper airplane.
  • We try to remember our reusable shopping bags and if we forget, we use the plastic bags as garbage can liners and then recycle them. 
  • We use new freezer bags to put homemade applesauce in, but then we wash out the bags and use them again to freeze bananas for smoothies. 
  • We rarely use disposable plates or cups. 
  • We request e-statements and recycle our paper garbage. 
  • We donate old clothes and toys to friends or to a thrift store. 
  • We use cloth sandwich bags and tupperware containers when packing lunches. 

AND -- we use products that are made from recycled materials! Here's where REPREVE comes in -- they take plastic bottles, wash them, melt them down, make chip, and then create a very fine fiber that can be used in fabric.

If you see this tag on an item, you'll know it was made using recycled fibers!

REPREVE is working to increase awareness -- that's what this campaign is all about. Bloggers all over the Internet are sharing their stories and trying to #TurnItGreen. A lot of plastic bottles are still ending up in the landfill instead of being recycled. That's the first step -- get the plastic in the recycle bin. Then REPREVE can work its magic!

How can you increase awareness in your own family and community? Make a habit to reduce your waste, reuse materials, and recycle what is left!

Contest Details
The X Games {Aspen} are coming soon and REPREVE is one of the sponsors. They're spreading the green beanies all over the slopes. And they're running a contest over the next few weeks with a $5,000 prize for first place! They are inviting participants to share how they #TurnItGreen {how they live a more sustainable life by reusing or recycling}. Simply share an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #TurnItGreen hashtag and tag @REPREVE. The three runners-up will receive a REPREVE jacket and a Go-Pro camera!

Here's our video submission -- showing ways we #TurnItGreen! Seriously. Sorry for the cheese factor.

Want to take a photo or make a video and enter the contest? You can upload either one to Twitter, Instagram or Vine to enter the contest! Just remember to use the hashtag #TurnItGreen and tag @REPREVE! Entries will be accepted until February 2nd, 2014.

This post is sponsored by Repreve, a company that is making a difference. 
Congrats to Nicole -- you won the green beanie!