How to Enjoy Traveling With Kids and Road Trip Announcements!

I've been planning this winter road trip for a few months now and couldn't be more excited that we're almost ready to leave! Winter is the perfect time to explore the California coast and desert areas, so we're off to do some adventuring, with Grandma and Grandpa's house in Phoenix as our destination.

Be watching for posts about our adventures in Joshua Tree NP, Pinnacles NP, Anza Borrego SP, Mountain Biking in Sedona, Camping in Big Sur, and exploring the Phoenix area. You're not going to want to miss this!! Oh boy are we excited. :)

And if you've thought about getting on the road, but you're like oh yeah, I have little kids...I've made a list of ten things that have helped us enjoy traveling together more. This is just a sampling of the things I've learned...really, you just gotta go out and do it. We learn by doing, right? :)

Ten Ways to Enjoy a Road Trip WITH the Kids

  • Install dual screen DVD players for the back seat, with a headset for each child.
  • Order all 520 episodes of Curious George with Amazon Prime so they’ll arrive in time for the trip.
  • Plan your driving route along highways with a McDonalds at least once every 100 miles.
  • Rig your car seats with bed pans to avoid stopping at every rest area along the way.
  • Actually, just be prepared to stop at every rest area along the way.
  • Bring along a selection of audio books for your own listening pleasure.
  • Pack single serving snack bags full of dried fruit or trail mix that you can toss into the back seat periodically.
  • Get psyched to visit the laundromat at least once along your journey -- wet sleeping bags could happen.
  • If you haven't already reserved/been assigned a campsite, have the kids help pick out which site they like best.
  • Print out a map for each day of your journey. The kids can highlight your route and see the progress you've made!

OH, and check out this video by Olive Us for some more great ideas to make traveling fun. :)

Can you believe the beauty of nature? I'm hoping to capture a lot of views like this on our trip. Come along for the virtual ride!!