Once Upon an eBook

I have written and self-published an ebook.

It still hasn't really sunk in...and probably won't ever...because? Well. Because life goes on. I used to have these grandiose ideas in college that once I reached my goals I Would Arrive! So I set goals like get married and have kids and write a book and become a university professor and I had no concept of what would happen AFTER all that.

There are still mouths to feed and crumbs to wipe up. And I'll probably have more ideas for books and set more goals for myself. Even people who get Nobel prizes and honorary degrees wake up the next morning, brush their teeth, and make a plan for their day.

It's just an ebook. No big deal. :)

But it has been two years in the making and carries in its fifty pages a lot of my brain cells. That's a pretty big deal. And it does contain some sweat and tears. [No blood. You can't get a papercut on an ebook.] So now I'm ready to crack the bottle on the bow of this ship!

I'm really more than ready to share this with you! It's time you all got inside my brain! 

This book, entitled Teach Me to Be Happy, is the result of where my thoughts have been over the past six years. I started really thinking and writing about these topics two years ago when I published 31 Days to Happier Children. A lot of people resonated with the posts and the series continues to drive the majority of my blog's traffic. I decided it would be worthwhile to take my ideas and the things I was learning, think and learn some more, and then put all that good stuff in one place. An ebook was born.

The book is for mothers. And fathers. And grandparents. And teachers. And really anybody who cares about developing habits that will promote happiness in our lives and the lives of others. Motherhood starts out really messy {as you'll hear in my book trailer} but not many years pass before we realize that these are little people who need to be taught a few more things about life. There might be more to parenting than changing dirty diapers. Imagine that!

Parenting is a lot about being a role model and a little about intentional training. Parenting is about saying some really good things and then doing what you say. Parenting is really a dead-end career, because we're trying to work ourselves out of a job.

"When a parent models optimism even in the midst of difficulty, children learn resilience, courage, confidence, and determination." Chapter 1
"We want to parent in such a way that our children embrace failure, rather than fleeing from it." Chapter 3
"Rewards often destroy creativity -- removing ownership, and teaching helplessness and dependence." Chapter 5
"Learning is really fun when children come at it from a place of curiosity." Chapter 8   
"We need to get a life and let them have theirs." Chapter 10

Visit the book's website to get more information and watch the book trailer. Then go buy the book!