Real Life | Sledding in the Blue Mountains

Last weekend we turned all our technology off and hit the slopes. I know I'm not the only one who struggles to power down enough. I love my Pandora playlist and Instagram as much as anyone else. I hope, however, that I'm learning to keep these loves in balance with the other loves of my life, one of which is driving up to the sunshine and snow to listen to shrieks of laughter as we fly down the hill together. That's a big love.

I took pictures to remember the joy, the sun, the gloriously blue sky, the friends who joined us, the fun we had. And I post them here so we can easily access the memories. And to inspire you to get outside and love big too.

I know how good it feels to get out in the big world and breath deep. And that's the gift I want to give my children -- the awareness that nature is good.

They come home and jump on the computer, yes. They love technology too. And they learn a lot from it. It's not inherently evil -- the trouble comes when they can't think of anything else to do, when they can't appreciate the beauty of a three dimensional world anymore. We talk about this. I've let them know that if they aren't self-moderating their screen-time, I will do it for them. Sometimes we just call it a screen-free morning {or day!}.

Winter-time is just a different animal. We do find ourselves inside more. And the music I listen to? It's a bit more melancholy, soulful, warm. Cause we really need a little comfort amid the fog and the chill.

Winter Tunes by Pete and Buzz on Grooveshark