Sunshine and Shadows | Weekending

I did my two mile walk + twenty lunges routine yesterday morning for the first time in a few weeks and boy am I sore today. Good to know it works! The weather was absolutely glorious -- just a bit warmer than it's been and sunshiny like we haven't seen in weeks. We pedaled, we ran, we played shadow tag, we geo-cached, we found a new playground, we watched RC airplanes fly.

I've been doing final edits on my book and then some more after I thought there could be no more. All my punctuation should be in the right place now. ;) I'll be linking you all up to the book website in the next few hours. You can now find my book at! #excited

weekend sharing ||
  • These lace curtains need to find their place in my living room.
  • When we get back from AZ I'm going to start some sweet pea seedlings.
  • "The sound of the mandolin is a very curious sound because it's cheerful and melancholy at the same time, and I think it comes from that shadow string, the double strings." --Rita Dove I think that's why I like it, cause that's just like me -- cheerful and melancholy sometimes even at the same time
  • This quote because I really love feeling small. 

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