Setting the Pace | Weekending

We did very little school during our three weeks away. So needless to say, it took about a week to adjust back into a we-do-school-at-home routine. But then he brings home four books from the library and reads to his brother on the way home and adds numbers in columns with carrying all by himself like a champ! He's back on the horse.

My six-year-old learns best when he's given some freedom to set the pace. I'm learning to slow down with him when necessary and speed up sometimes too. But on the flip side, sometimes it's not the academia that we're worried about so much as his need to learn to focus. Teaching persistence might not be fun now, but it'll pay off later. #happykids

Buzz and I were playing Monopoly the other day and he said "if you give me one hundred and one fifty, I'll give you all my ones!" :) Hah.

weekend sharing ||
  • I really wanted to take video on our CA-PHX road trip. It just didn't happen. These guys are making me want to do the trip all over and capture the moments better this time.
  • I made these brownies this weekend for the college students that came for lunch. I discovered the recipe needed slight tweaking. So here's the new and improved version -- better than ever. 
  • I've never made french toast, but the kids had it at a friend's house and loved it. Thought I might give this recipe a try, with a few tweaks. 
  • This place is on my short list for next adventures. 1) it's warm there 2) there's rocks to climb on

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