We Still Homeschool | Weekending

^^excuse the blur, he was running past me pretty fast!

a better week, since we're over "the coughs" as buzz calls them.

yesterday morning we went to visitor's day at a local school where a lot of our friends attend. it was overwhelming for us all. we're kinda homebodies and small number people and the crowds and bustle was just too much. it would become more familiar if we chose to let it, but there's something special about the lifestyle we've chosen and i'm just not ready to let that go. not yet, at least. so on the difficult days when i have job envy {any job besides mothering all day!} i'll try to remember how blessed i am to have them home for cuddles and sweet conversations and that i'm giving my children time to explore their interests in a slow, individualized way. #westillhomeschool

weekend sharing ||
  • we listened to 7th/8th graders recite digits of pi today. and we ate apple pie at pete's request. next time = this banana cream pie.
  • listening to ellie holcomb's station on pandora and it's so restful and inspiring
  • it's the middle of march and my gardening instincts have not kicked in yet. there was that one year when i started seedlings in february.
  • this might be controversial {or maybe you'll all agree with a resounding yes!!} but it's been something very much on my mind lately. i like how she says "mothers are people too". the comments are a worthwhile read too.
  • and to top off the brilliance, please take a moment to read this post by ally vesterfelt. because we need to share our giftings fervently, heroically. it's really the opposite of selfish to live within your calling.

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