What's In The Bible | Vol 13: God's Kingdom Comes

Our trip to California and Arizona was pretty much sponsored by What's In The Bible. Not really {ha! I wish}, but only in the sense that the boys watched volumes 1-12 on the drive down, one after another. One episode would finish and Pete would beg for the next. They are fun! And truly educational. I've learned a lot about Biblical authors and what big words like Pentateuch mean.

Have your kids watched volumes 1-12 and are anxiously awaiting the release of the final volume? Pete knows it is coming out on March 4 and he's been counting the days! Well, that's today! So go scoop it up!

Or maybe you're new to the series and want to learn more? Here's a clip from volume 11, about the book of Acts. And below, a coupon code for a large order, with free shipping!

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