Real Life | Mud Puddling and the Manly Mommy

I'm sitting here early in the morning darkness, listening to Buzz sleep-breathing in the next room and just feeling so thankful for our happinesses and our accomplishments. My family is wonderful. My life is wonderful. It's okay to say that every once in awhile.

The little one is writing three letter words that rhyme all by himself. The big one is grasping the concept of lists and ordering things in such a way that they all get done efficiently. They are loving each other and making each other laugh. And I see Buzz's four year molars coming in and he hasn't complained about that yet.

Pete's Legos arrived last night. He's over-the-moon excited and waiting in his room until the clock says 6:00 so he can come out and examine them. He's been working on a Scratch project with daddy and the other day while trying to quiet his brother and friends said, "less noise, more programming!!" #sonerdyofhim

Instead of collapse, he says "disexpand."

And the other day, I came out all dressed up and hair done and Pete said "Mommy, you look so handsome!" Buzz agrees, adding "Yeah, you look real manly!" #boyhouse

It's real fun around here. ;)

It's officially spring. We went mud puddle jumping.

So here's my spring playlist. Featuring The Paper Kites {new love} and Happy from Despicable Me {dare you not to dance}. This is my favorite playlist EVER. :) Click here to see it if the embedded feature isn't working.

Spring Tunes by Pete and Buzz on Grooveshark