The Thinker and the Scowler

This photo was taken at Crown Point, in the Columbia River Gorge. It really sums up their personalities right now. Pete is thinking, sketching, designing, pondering. Buzz is scowling, pouting, growling, complaining. We're really focused on encouraging the little guy to be content, to be thankful, to be happy! #happykids

I'm on vacation from my mommy-tasks and have passed on that difficult job to their papa and grandparents!! I told my husband that he gets to whip Buzz into shape while I'm gone. #goodluck #hewillgrowoutofitright #thankfulforthebreak #excitedabouttravel

I've got a couple scheduled posts coming down the pipe into the blog over the next few days. And I will be posting some photos from Haiti soon! #NRI #Project7 Follow me on Instagram and you'll probably see them even sooner. :)