Celebrating The First Seven Years

My eldest turned seven yesterday. It feels like such a big deal and yet, it was just another day. We did normal things -- except for the M&Ms for breakfast, perogies for lunch, bowling together, and fro-yo in the evening. But you guys, my BABY is seven. Nah, I'm not really sentimental or holding tightly to the stinky diapers of the past. But what gets me is that he is SEVEN. Already. I know. That whole schpeal about how it goes so slow and yet so fast.

Parenting isn't nearly as physically demanding as it used to be. I have to ask for hugs now. They don't spill food on the floor nearly as often or miss the toilet when peeing. The changes are welcomed, of course, but it's just weird because I thought these days would never come.

Soon my youngest will be five and with that comes the next phase of parenting. It'll look different, for sure, and I bet we're not imagining the half of it. It will be chock full of important decisions and life mentoring. It's looking to be a very mental game, requiring a lot of wisdom. Sometimes I nearly wither with the burden of responsibility that I feel -- it's my job to make choices for my kids that will lead them on paths with various outcomes. Ultimately, and thankfully, I believe that God is in charge of their lives and their futures, but He has entrusted to me and their father the task of leading them through childhood. That's pretty intense. #mustpraymore

"Guide my steps in the ways of your word, and do not let any sin control me." Psalm 119:133