Neighborhood Clowns

:: Today Pete told me that five cubed is 125.

:: Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll no longer be a neat 3-0, but one more than that. My goals for this year include being much more successful in our summer gardening and food preservation, learning much more Spanish and French, and becoming much more adept with videography.

:: We might be considered the neighborhood clowns, with children soaking in a pool of hot water on the front lawn.

:: Today I finally feel like I've got my house back. I spent yesterday doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms and tidying up. I'm like a dog, marking my territory. #somethinglikethat

:: You're probably wondering why I'm doing so many short posts. Well. It's quicker, that's why. And I've been struggling to get one post up a WEEK if they are long and thoughtful. I'm not sure the short posts are interesting enough, but I know they are inspiring me to use my camera on a daily basis. What's your vote on short vs. long blog posts? The verdict is still out. :)