Taking Care of Mama This Summer

I'm probably not the only mom in the world feeling a bit anxious about May coming to a close. I mean -- homemade popsicles and backyard sprinklers and neighbors home all day. There will be muddy feet attached to the unfortunate body of a child who is running for a towel. There will be the heat that drives little red-heads and other-colored heads inside for the middle four hours of the day. There will be a lot of free time.

Two words for ya. School's out.

A few weeks ago, I shared a bit of my story in front of a MOPS group. They basically needed to hear me say that I struggled with unrealistic expectation and depression in early motherhood. They needed to hear me admit to nearly losing myself in the mess and chaos and frustration of raising little children. They needed to hear me say that motherhood is HARD. They needed permission to say that they don't actually LIKE being a mom all the time.

Regardless of what month it is or whether kids are in school or not, mamas around the world need to remember that what they do every day is worthwhile. And you know what else we need to remember? That the roles we play at home are just a part of our grand design and that we need to feed our whole souls.

I like what Kat Lee {blogger at Inspired to Action} says here -- "If we consistently put our children's wants before our needs, we create a firestorm of unrealistic expectations, physical exhaustion, emotional stress and spiritual emptiness. Moms are not called to be martyrs. We’re called to be leaders. Leaders can’t lead if they’re dead."

Kids want passionate mothers who love their lives.

For me, this means that during the summer-time I have to be more intentional than ever about setting boundaries and focusing on our family priorities. I have to organize our days in such a way that my needs won't be overlooked. This isn't easy for me. Don't think so even for a second. But I know it's important.

I wish this were something I could do just once and forever have a workable plan, but life with kids changes with the seasons. This summer will look different than the last, I'm sure. And I'll need to be flexible. I'll need to be patient. I'll need to be determined.

Boy, I hope it'll be easier than I'm imagining. :)

Just remember, boys. Mama matters. All of her. The part that cooks you dinner, the part that scrubs your dirty feet, AND the part that plays the piano and sings her favorite songs in the morning. You want ALL of her to be fed and watered, so she can shelter you like a gorgeous, green, leafy tree.