Real Life | Cheers to All That

Ready for a smattering of photos and sometimes unrelated text? Because this is going to be pretty random. :)

I've spent too much time this past month thinking about school and work. It's not something I want to flesh out here, but I'll just say that finding the balance between raising kids well and having a flourishing life of your own as a parent is not something for the faint of heart. I want my kiddos to feel cared for and loved. I want them to be independent and resilient. I want many good people to speak truth and wisdom into their lives.

We're so thankful for the teachers who have loved on our boys this past year and motivated them to learn and to follow directions and to make friends and to be curious. So grateful for these teachers. We shouldn't parent on an island.

This is a few minutes after he asked me to pull out his fifth wiggly tooth. He was so sad, then Sarah said something funny and made him smile. But it's a hiding-my-teeth smile.

Having friends with hammocks and slack-lines who will climb trees and build dams and let us make Big Fire and share their thin mint cookies? Pretty rad. We had a blast with these guys and honestly? We're thanking God for bringing them into our lives right now. Perfect timing.

Summer is awesome and crazy nuts all at the same time. There are kids swarming our house like little buzzing bees hoping for some honey to spill out. Which is really great when we're interested in a party and really not so great when we're wanting a little peace and quiet. We'll come out when we're ready. We're happy to live in a neighborhood with lots of kids! We'll come out when we're ready.

I'm trying to split our summer days three ways {because I'm a scheduler...even if it never works} -- first third is an outing, second third is our checklist, third third{!} is play with friends. But maybe the checklist and outing should be swapped. And we'll be lucky if play with friends starts at 3pm.

Curious about our summer checklist? It's simple -- just the things I think each kid should not forget over the summer. Pete = piano, math, silent reading, typing, journal; Buzz = sight words, handwriting, read aloud, math

So far so good. Well, mostly. I think Peter finished his checklist around 7 o'clock tonight. That's pushing it, buddy.

Cheers to summer reading and writing and camping and popsicles and berries and cherries and afternoons at the pool. We're seriously going to make the best of it. Cheers to all of it. #makeithappen