Real Life | Top Values

My Top Three Values in Life
:: clutter free, minimalist home
:: regular travel, adventuring far and wide and sleeping outside
:: time for deep, introspective thinking that leads to clarity and peace

It's a challenge to keep a clean home while traveling regularly and even a greater challenge to find large chunks of thinking time [with young kiddos]. And of course, when you enter into life with your spouse, you've got his/her values to consider as well. In my case, that looks like this:

His Top Three Values in Life
:: more space for storing fantastic yard sale gems that he might need some day (!)
:: shared experiences with friends -- adventuring, tinkering or exercising together
:: opportunities to teach and mentor young people

Fortunately, we have plenty of values that are the same -- picking fruit together is one. Swimming in cold water is another. I think marriage is a constant exercise in looking for the common ground and enjoying that while not worrying too much about the inevitable differences.

And then there are the kids' values -- centering mostly around mud and friends.