A Bee Stung Me | Weekending

Coquihalla River
these are my feet in the crystal clear and cold waters of the Coquihalla river near Hope, BC
I'm wishing I could stick my throbbing foot in there right about now

I just stepped on a bee while playing ultimate frisbee. One of those I love more than the other.

So, I limped home. The sun is casting glorious colors all over the sky as it sets and I'm sitting here wincing while I try to be a big girl.

I can't even begin to explain how busy I've been this week. I thought we were busy with traveling back to back to back. Well, that one was brand of crazy and this week was another! I've got several posts waiting half-finished. They are going to get stale if I don't hurry up and get them out onto the shelves.

Ow. My foot hurts. I gotta get my sorry self into bed.

Here's a quick update on me.

Making: Plans for teaching preschool this fall. YEP, I got a job!! My first classroom teaching position!
Feeling: Well, there's a distracting stinging sensation in my foot. I was feeling super excited earlier today.
Reading: Almost finished with The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Tough just because so much is wrong relationship-wise. But a very good story.
Planning: For a busy week of training and classroom setup and then end of summer vacationing.
Resisting: The urge to cut my foot off.
Thankful for: When things fall into place without me doing really anything at all. When it's really obviously God's hand at work.
Sharing: My favorite quote this week -- "The point of diving into a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore but to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water." John Keats

Sometimes I wish we had a nice cold river in our backyard. Mmmm.