It's A Good Season | Weekending

I LOVE summer with its tank tops, flip-flops, and inviting cold water. But there are many delights this time of year, including perfect weather for playing soccer. We had a fun game with our neighbor friends yesterday, sandwiched between yard work and laundry and muffin making.

It felt like a productive day, yet fun. Not a bored soul in the house -- all busy with LEGO projects or building hide-outs or some other manner of creativity. It was perfect.

Eating: Well, too many pear chocolate muffins, if I'm being honest. But I plan to make something yummy with butternut squash soon.
Wishing: For a couple hours to sew. I get the sewing bug this time of year. And I've been too busy.
Reading: Curriculum. And any preschool blogs I can get ideas from.
Listening to: My boys pretending to snore in their bedroom. And my husband tapping away on something in the bathroom. He's painting.
Grateful for: Prayers and encouragement from friends. Seriously. A really heart-felt meaningful, God-inviting prayer can change a day.
Sharing: This inspiring and incredible interview with Katie Davis. And this so very thought-provoking article from Levi Benkert.
Aspiring to: Um. I think I'm aspiring to too much lately. I will aspire to a bit of rest time!

The other day, Buzz said he doesn't want to grow up because he wants to stay with me forever. My little sweetheart is thinking too hard about life. I kinda want him to stay five for a long time too.

And this -- I just want to high-five Kelle Hampton for putting this into words so well: "To love where you live or what you do for a living or the people you spend your life with doesn’t mean you have to like everything about them. It just means that you see through the parts that you don’t love and know that there’s more than enough good to make up for them. That goes for states and jobs and parents and kids and husbands and wives and friends."