Home Beautification Round-Up

We've got so much going on here right now -- one thing being plans to move and rent out our current home [crazy, right? pray we'll stay sane!]. It will be sad to leave our brand new pergola that just went up this spring, but we have plans to train honeysuckle and jasmine vines up the posts and over the top [we'll keep an eye on it from our new house two doors down]. Can you imagine the delicious smell? Mmmmmm.

Check out these gorgeous photos for inspiration -- I just love these lights.
Pergola Lighting

We'll need to decorate our new home which has more space and a bit different floor plan. I'm thinking about these floor-length sheer curtains, some creative wall art with square photos, and I love this unusual coffee table design!
Pergola Lighting

Decorating with a bicycle and flip-flop theme sounds fun. :) We really want our home to somehow tell the story of who we are. We're active, outdoorsy sorts of people who value family togetherness and adventure.
Pergola Lighting

Here are links for the photos -- enjoy!
pergola lights by hip chick digs || honeysuckle vines by the comforts of home || gorgeous lighting by willow and jade floral || 
floor length curtains by apartment therapy || unique coffee table by home talk || square photos by annapolis & company || polka dot tablecloth by wedd book 
the bicycle by enduring arts || hanging photos by my scandinavian home  || love one another by investing love || flip flops by in mind 4 u 

This is just a sampling of the ideas I've collected -- check the rest out here on my Pinterest board