On My Mind + October Goals

A few things that are on my mind:

+ I really long for something more middle-ish, where my boys could have more time at home for creative pursuits and outdoor adventures but still learn in a social environment with the positive peer motivators and encouraging teacher mentorship. I miss having more time with my boys and all the adventures we used to have together. But I think we're in this season for a reason.

+ I wish the days wouldn't fly by so fast. I have many creative pursuits of my own that are getting back-burnered right now. Life really just can't hold it all, can it? A time for everything and everything in its own good time, I guess.

+ Taking more photos would, I believe, help me to slow down and savor the daily life that we're living. I really want to do that. It has helped in the past. *take note* I just love this post with all of life's everything documented -- so pretty.

+ Shoes. Cold weather brings with it the need for socks and shoes that go with socks. You know I just want to wear my Keen sandals or Crocs all year round, right? But brrr. And wearing socks with sandals is funny. ;) So what will I wear on my feet? The boys prefer their Crocs to tennis shoes too. I remember running through the snow in my flip flops my senior year in high school. I really have trouble wearing real shoes.

With school taking up so much of the day, we've got to be really intentional about how we spend the rest of our time. And hopefully we'll soon have enough emotional energy in the afternoons to do more than collapse each in our own corner to recover. This trip to the BMX track was really good.

October goals to keep us living life well and documenting the goodness:

For the blog...
+A round-up post with home decor ideas
+A how-to post about encouraging STEM activities
+Try making oatmeal breakfast sausage and post the recipe
+A round-up post with fall recipe inspiration

For our family...
+Visit the corn maze after dark with headlamps and walkie-talkies
+Visit the hay slide
+Mountain biking around the lake
+Get a family photo with a tri-pod
+Put together another Picaboo book with recent photos

For me personally...
+Get back into my running routine
+Read Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection
+Morning Bible reading and journaling
+Focus on taking more photos of life's moments