52 Adventures | Dirt Biking

I thought about waiting until the new year to start this next challenge for myself, but why wait? I'll fizzle and sputter and loose momentum if I put the idea on hold, so let's just put things in second gear and go.

What are we doing? We're going to put adventures on the calendar! One every weekend for the next 52 weeks!! And we're going to photograph and blog each one, tagging them all with #52adventures so they'll be easy to compile later on. Want to join me? Absolutely. Join the fun. I'll check Instagram and Facebook for #52adventures and feature you on my blog if you're awesome.

It's about encouraging each other to go out and be awesome -- enjoying nature and exercise and travel and time together. It's about being intentional and making good things happen.

This adventure was sponsored by friends with dirt bikes [yay them!]. And the sprinkler that made the mud that coated the tires that splatted the faces that grinned real wide...

It's not everyday you get to kick start your engine and twist your hand throttle while you gently release the clutch with the other hand. It's not everyday your five year old gets to zip up a tumbleweed-strewn hill on a 50. It was a fun fun day. And so we're logging it officially as Adventure Number One. With many more to come. #52adventures #comingtoablognearyou