52 Adventures | A Snowy Family Photo

We don't ask the trusty tripod to take our photos very often. Usually by the time we get up the courage it's a very very cold day in November. It's been colder than ever this year, like think CANADA. We really wanted to cut down the perfect Christmas tree and snap a frosty photo, so up to the mountains we went. Pete wore rubber boots too big for him because someone grew TWO shoes sizes since last winter. #eatingtoomuch #bootscoming

The kiddos spilled out of the car, excited to make mazes in the snow. The daddy got out his power tool [grunt grunt], determined to find a symmetrical tree, not too tall. The mommy, gloveless so she could operate the photo equipment, complained about the cold more than she probably should have. We kissed, hugged, tickled, giggled and caught it all on megabyte. And the yelling, yodeling, marco-polo-ing, and teasing was enjoyed only by the forest creatures and flora. We didn't stay long. My fingers nearly froze off.

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