Real Life | Nerd Parties and Pizza

The house tonight is echoing with the sound of hot wheels screaming across the floor and banging into baseboards and table legs. I keep cringing and saying "is everyone okay?" and "don't crash them into the piano!" #lifewithboys

The darkness and wind is holding us hostage tonight. I'm thinking we might need to venture out for flashlight tag more often because the testosterone is pulsing through the stagnant air. I gave both boys haircuts since these first two photos were taken. They were looking rather scraggly [but I secretly like their long hair better]. We were visiting the engineering dept for their build-something-with-wires-and-stuff party and the kids were checking out this quadrocopter design as it was being tested.

I think a field trip to a local pizza shop is perfect for kindergarteners -- do you know a five year old who doesn't love pizza? They were all speaking the same language of love as dough flew into the air and came back down in perfect circles ready for sauce and cheese. Look at their excited little faces! I think their life goals just turned towards pizza tosser.

So. Flashlight tag? Capture the flag? Dare base with glow stick headbands? Kitchen dance parties? How do you recommend we survive The Long Dark Winter? It seems longer and darker this year. I bet really the answer to all things is cheese pizza. Maybe we just need to learn how to throw dough. #lastyearwedrovetoarizona #wewontbeescapingthisyear #hittinghardthingsheadon