52 Adventures | I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

I have yet to install a system into my brain that yields sustainable and systematic blog content. I'll get in a groove with posting two or three times a week and then, bam. Life happens, motivation is lost, we live under a curtain of fog for more than three weeks, and the posts dry up. I hate that.

Ideally, I'd have funny things to say and gorgeous pictures depicting our life so accurately you'd feel like you were here. And that would mean, of course, that you'd have to put up with things like cold cereal for breakfast and a game of Mario Kart 8 cuddled up on the couch upstairs. Which really isn't all that photogenic and now you know why the blog dries up sometimes.

These here pics are from last weekend when we ventured out to find something fun to do with friends. It's Palouse Falls -- kinda cool and kinda weird and I'll only go there in the winter. #fearofsnakes

We took the kids the safer way around and down and played in the water a bit, then the moms went off to get some photos of the big falls from closer and more dangerous vantage points. Fun adventure. Next time, we'll bring popcorn and firewood.

So yeah. A while back I ended up with a longish stream of back-to-back "Weekending" posts and felt guilty, like there needed to be some variety in my posts. Now we're ending up with a set of "52 Adventures" posts. Cool and all, but not exactly what I wanted!! #alwaystheidealist #justbehappynow

What kind of posts are your favorite? Weekending? Adventures? Real Life? Monthly Goals? Is it silly to even try to categorize them?

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