Idealism + February Goals

We're already half-way through this month and I'm not sure it's even worth listing my monthly goals this time around! I've had a hard time completing goals from previous months. I think it's because I tend to be too ambitious -- getting excited about the possibilities and thinking of all the things we could do. Then reality hits and I end up disappointed with myself. It's the realist and idealist fighting inside me.

So I'll try to be more realistic with this month's goals -- listing things I know will happen and a couple wished-for things.

February Goals:
{last month's goals which were pretty ambitious}

For the blog:
+ an Etsy round-up showcasing yellow and gray
+ a spring food inspiration post
+ better photos for the baked oatmeal recipe
+ post about our favorite apple muffins

For the family:
+ go mountain biking at the lake
+ participate in the popsicle stick bridge contest
+ get into a worship time habit
+ read The Tale of Despereaux

For me personally:
+ add more running miles each week
+ read Mere Christianity and Every Bitter Thing is Sweet
+ get a haircut
+ play my mandolin with songs online

Do you set goals that are too extravagant and out of reach? What wins in your life? Realism or idealism?