BFFs and Some Links | Weekending

My two boys, 25 months apart, are most often really good friends [they have their moments of discord, of course]. This morning I woke up with Pete by my side in bed [bad dream] and soon he began calling Buzz with the little secret melody they made up. Buzzra walks in with his favorite [queen size, so it's dragging on the floor] snuggly blanket -- "you called me?"

Right now, they're adorable. Pete says they are "BFF's".
Time is FLYING by. I've been substitute teaching and teaching online and just barely keeping the house clean and food on the shelves. My preschoolers and I get to go see baby animals at a farm tomorrow morning.

weekend shares:
Five Responses That Work With Children by Carrots Are Orange 
How to respond to a child with a lack of empathy or a child who gives up easily. Great ideas here.

To Die For Carrot Cake by Mom on Timeout
I tried it. It's really good. If I get some time, I'll share with you my healthier version of the recipe.

Alternatives to Family Dinner by Let Why Lead
We're the kind of family that grazes a little -- we eat when we're hungry. There are plenty of ways to get the same benefits of a family dinner, without all eating meals at the same time.

Eating | confession: I ate one of those magnum chocolate ice cream bars today
Enjoying | the super green grass with the rain we've had
Pinning | these apple pie cinnamon rolls. definitely something worth trying
Tweeting | this post about the work New Reality International is doing in Haiti
Planning | our packing list and food ideas for the twelve day road trip coming soon!!